A variety of sativa strains from Thailand known for its stimulating and euphoric high
About Thai

Thai is a term that refers to a variety of sativa landrace strains from Thailand, which are known for their cerebrally euphoric effects.

Buds of Thai tend to be longer than average, and their loosely-packed sage green buds have a shimmering cloak of trichomes amongst fuzzy patches of brick red pistils.

Intriguing aromas of sandalwood and pine come off of Thai's beautiful buds, and the flavor of these buds, when smoked, tends to be sweet citrus-flavored and somewhat spicy.

Thai's high is superbly stimulating and absolutely euphoric, which makes this variety of cannabis strains fantastic for patients who use cannabis throughout the day.

1 Review
5 months ago
Thai is one of the most famous Sativa strain in the world. This 100% Sativa strain has dark forest buds covered by neon orange hairs and a sandy trichomes layer. Patients will feel a strong and clear cerebral high that leaves the mind feeling rejuvenated and body energized. Thai has a strong citric herbal smell and a sweet piney taste. Patients looking for stress/depression relief should try this strain for comfort.
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