NY Cheese

One pungent sativa-dominant hybrid said to deliver euphoric bliss
About NY Cheese

A sativa-dominant hybrid strain, NY Cheese is a cross of NYC Diesel and Cheese said to have an intensely pungent aroma.

Like most sativa-dominant strains, NY Cheese provides an uplifting cerebral buzz and induces a dreamy creative effect, while leaving the physical body completely relaxed.

NY Cheese buds smell just like sour diesel and cheese, and when vaporized or smoked they have a similarly cheesy flavor.

This strain's calyxes are chunky and densely-packed, their sage green color covered in a sparkling fur of trichomes and tangled burnt orange pistils.

1 Review
5 months ago
NY Cheese is a Sativa Dominant strain with large buds that are dense with dark shades of green and long orange "hairs" and strong piney/cheesy smell. NY Cheese will energized the body while the brain takes a shot of euphoria and creativity, making the user very sociable. NY Cheese has a sweet cheesy taste smoke that will stay around for a bit after exhaling.
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