OG Ringo


SoHum Seeds' OG Kush phenotype, beloved for its euphoric and functional buzz

About OG Ringo

SoHum Seeds developed OG Ringo, an indica-dominant OG Kush phenotype said to sometimes express high-CBD genetics.

OG Ringo's flowers are usually quite large, and each lumpy, fluffy calyx is packed with long orange pistils and a shimmering dew of potent trichomes.

According to those who have tried this cannabis strain, this strain induces a mildly relaxing physical effect and a focused, uplifted, and functional head high.

When you open a package of OG Ringo you will be struck by the strain's refreshing piney aroma, and when smoked or vaporized it will surprise you again with it's sweet and slightly floral fragrance.

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