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OG Strawberry

A popular indica-dominant blend of Island Strawberry Afghani and OG Kush known for its ridiculously happy, sedative buzz


About OG Strawberry

OG Strawberry goes by many names, including "Strawberry Kush" and "Strawberry OG", and this indica-dominant hybrid strain is allegedly a result of Island Strawberry Afghani and OG Kush cross.

Expect OG Strawberry's effects to be extremely relaxing and often sedative, inundating all who use it with an uplifting head high.

Flowers of this strain are often a desaturated pine tree green hue that is obscured by orange pistils and a thorough coating of sparkly trichomes.

This strain can be recognized by its sweet strawberry scent, and it has a decadent flavor that blends honey and a variety of delicious berry flavors.