OG Tonic

An indica-dominant high-CBD cannabis strain that crosses OG Kush and Cannatonic genetics


About OG Tonic

OG Tonic is a heavily indica-dominant cannabis strain that is thought to be a blend of OG Kush and Cannatonic, which explains its high-CBD properties.

Expect flowers of this strain to have about 12% CBD and a 3-10% THC potency, and OG Tonic's buds tend to have a pungent scent and a spicy-sweet flavor.

OG Tonic's effects have been described as particularly relaxing, and the euphoric high it provides results in a relatively clear-headed cerebral effect.

Buds of OG Tonic are reported to be large and sticky with resin, each olive green trichome-covered buds that each have patches of red pistils.

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