Opal OG Kush

An indica-dominant cross of Lemon OG Kush and Frankenstein known for its stimulating, soothing high


About Opal OG Kush

Washingtonian cannabis company Nine Point Growth Industries created the indica-dominant strain Opal OG Kush when they crossed Lemon OG Kush with Frankenstein.

Flowers of Opal OG Kush have an amber color, partially due to the tangle of auburn pistils that litter the surface of each reddish green bud, each calyx of which is coated in shimmering trichomes.

Cannabis enthusiasts have said that this strain produces an uplifted cerebral effects and a tingly, stimulating buzz that soothes and relaxes the physical body.

A refreshing pine and wood scent will waft from this strain's flowers, and when smoked this strain takes on a mint, honey, and berry flavor.

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