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Oregon Pinot Noir

A fragrant indica-dominant cannabis strain known for its euphoric cerebral buzz


About Oregon Pinot Noir

Allegedly first grown right next door to great Oregon wineries, Oregon Pinot Noir is an sativa-dominant strain resulting from a cross of Hawaiian Purple Kush and Pitbull.

Calyxes of Oregon Pinot Noir blend violet, emerald, and ruby red tones, and each is interrupted by bright orange patches of pistils and a generous cloak of shimmering trichomes.

Even though it's a sativa-dominant hybrid, generally, the effects of Oregon Pinot Noir are more in line with that of an indica -- provide a relaxing, and sometimes even sedating body buzz and a happy, creative cerebral high.

Oregon Pinot Noir's flowers can be recognized by their slightly spicy, musky odor and the intense grape flavor that they produce.