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Oteil's Egyptian Kush

An exceedingly relaxing cross of Alien OG and OG Kush enjoyed for an ecstatic buzz


About Oteil's Egyptian Kush

A balanced combination of OG Kush and Alien OG, Oteil's Egyptian Kush is named after Grammy-winning bassist Oteil Burbridge.

Those who have been fortunate enough to sample Oteil's Egyptian Kush describe this cannabis strain as euphoric and relaxing, its warming body buzz delivering a soothing high to all who use the strain.

A pungent scent wafts from buds of Oteil's Egyptian Kush, but when smoked this strain tends to take on an earthy flavor of wildflowers and seriously sweet honey.

Oteil's Egyptian Kush's buds are cone-shaped and have a pine tree green color, each of which is covered in a blanket of snowy trichomes and patches of reddish pistils.