Patti Cake

An ultra-rare combination of Girl Scout Cookies and Cherry Pie that tastes just like a slice of cake
About Patti Cake

Patti Cake is an extremely rare cannabis strain thought to be a result of a Cherry Pie and Girl Scout Cookies cross, said to produce a balanced set of effects.

The scent of patty cake is reminiscent of the distinct funky Girl Scout Cookies aroma, and the flavor of this strain is similarly sweet, bringing sugar cookie, cherry, and lemon flavors to this strain.

Cannabis enthusiasts who have been lucky enough to have tried this strain say it brings a focused, uplifted head high said to bring a giggly, talkative effect to all who use it.

1 Review
5 months ago
First of all, Thank you Montreal!! I had the pleasure to try Patti Cake once, and It was an experience like no other. It made me feel like a I was smoking for the first time. One joint, 12 hits, and never to see it again. Patti Cakes quickly takes you to a very happy state where laughs will occur non stop and problems will be long gone. As the high becomes stronger the body becomes very relaxed, making you move around looking for things to do. Its' smoke is taste like a tropical jelly bean.
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