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Patti Cake

An ultra-rare combination of Girl Scout Cookies and Cherry Pie that tastes just like a slice of cake


About Patti Cake

Patti Cake a very rare strain bred by Narasimha. It's a cross between the strains Gasleak OG (Chem 91 x Chemdawg) and Wedding Cake.

Flavor and Aroma

The scent of patty cake is reminiscent of the distinct funky Girl Scout Cookies aroma, and the flavor of this strain is similarly sweet, bringing sugar cookie, cherry, and lemon flavors to this strain. Some even compare the taste of the smoke to jelly beans.

When you first take a sniff of Patti Cake, you are likely to focus on the sweet scent with hints of citrus. As you take another whiff or wait a minute, you will also notice a fruity, sour scent that is similar to fermenting organic material.

Grinding the buds of Patti Cake gives you an intense odor that is hashy. This comes from the likely parent strain Girl Scout Cookies, specifically its parent strain of OG Kush. If you combust it in a joint or pipe, you will appreciate the smooth and easily palatable smoke. As you exhale, the smoke will taste like sweet orange and candy.


Cannabis enthusiasts who have been lucky enough to have tried this strain say it brings a focused, uplifted head high that is supposed to bring a giggly, talkative effect to all who use it. It is also known for relaxation and creativity in addition to that of euphoria.

Patti Cake tends to bring users to a state of happiness very quickly, including those giggles. As the high develops, the body gets incredibly relaxed. The effects tend to begin quickly, starting with twitching by the temples and eyes or more pressure in those areas.

Eventually, you will notice that you are more engaged with your surroundings as Patti Cake’s cerebral effects begin to take hold. You may become more interested in previously boring or uninteresting objects and ideas. It is also common for your thoughts to go all over the place, following free association.

That free association means that many people find that consuming Patti Cake helps work, including creative, open-ended tasks in addition to detailed, analytical tasks, and everything in between.

If you consume more Patti Cake or wait a little longer, you will notice more of the indica, triggering relaxation from your neck to your core. You will likely want to sit down at this point if you are not already sitting. You are, however, unlikely to notice a full couch-lock.

Some of the more common uses of Patti Cake include relieving pain, depression, and symptoms of ADHD. It can also help with nausea and headaches.


When you look at Patti Cake, you will notice flowers of medium size that sit in a tapered formation. This formation is almost reminiscent of small pinecones. The buds feature a structure that shows indica genetics, including denseness and compactness. The leaves spiral inwards.

In terms of color, those leaves are a mossy green that is nice and dark. Throughout the leaves, you will notice orange pistils. The flowers are also very sticky thanks to the presence of the translucent white trichomes.

Other Information to Know

Consuming Patti Cake tends to come with a slow drop in your energy levels. Because of this, most experienced users recommend using it in the afternoon or evening.

If you want to grow Patti Cake, you will have to do some searching and find clones, as you will not find seeds for sale. Expect short, bushy crops and flowering within eight or nine weeks if you grow it indoors.