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Pink Kush

An indica-dominant descendent of OG Kush beloved for it's uplifting and relaxing high


About Pink Kush

Pink Kush, originally created by Reeferman, is an indica-dominant descendent of the beloved strain, OG Kush.

The strain is named for the pink hairs of the dense flowers that explode around 5-8 weeks of flowering, which then turn slightly darker around the 10 week mark. All while covered by magenta calyxes and glistening trichomes as if it's the star on top of a Christmas tree...

Its flowers produce a bright lavender-like floral aroma, and the taste is like sweet candy with a slightly tart undertone.

People who have tried Pink Kush note that this strain's effects are largely euphoric and often creativity-inducing on the cerebral side. On the physical side, this strain is thoroughly relaxing and often times even sedative (hint: very stoney).

Pink Kush has a THC content level around 20% and CBD level below 1 percent.