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Rolls Choice

Rolls Choice

OG Kush and Chemdawg came together to form this thoroughly uplifting sativa-dominant hybrid strain


About Rolls Choice

A creation of Royal Choice Farms, Rolls Choice is a decadent sativa-dominant hybrid strain thought to be parented by Chemdawg and OG Kush. It is about 70 percent sativa.


This strain is usually fairly potent, with an average THC content of about 22 percent.


Flowers of this strain are notoriously gorgeous and, though they can be challenging to find, Rolls Choice flowers are mossy green, covered in sparkling trichomes, and full of sticky-sweet resin. Some describe the green shade of the buds as minty. The buds are also fluffy, featuring tiny amber trichomes and some orange hairs.

Aroma and Flavor

Expect these beautiful buds to have a pine forest and diesel gas aroma that is complemented by the strain's slightly sweet earthy flavor. The flavors of Rolls Choice are bold, including an overall sour note that combines with hints of diesel, pine, and skunk. Other flavors include earthiness and pungency.

The strength of the aroma means that most people either love or hate the smell of Rolls Choice. Even if you hate the scent, keep in mind that it will be short-lived and you will be on to experiencing the effects of the strain in almost no time.


Rolls Choice effects are remarkably uplifting, with physical effects that have been described by some users as relaxing though others find this strain energizing. Most people notice that it helps them feel relaxed, happy, and focused. You will also likely see euphoria, an uplifting feeling, and possibly some energization. It is also commonly used to relieve depression, stress, and pain.

Overall, most people will feel happy yet tired when they get high with Rolls Choice. The high begins with tingles in the body and euphoria. You should not expect a boost to your energy level, at least not a significant one. However, you will likely become talkative and see an increase in creativity. After a bit, your mental state will become hazy, starting to encourage you to lay down and go to sleep. Many describe the high as potent and long-lasting.

This is an excellent bud to smoke before going to bed as it helps you fall asleep, whether you want to or not in some cases. In the morning, you will usually feel very refreshed if you consumed Rolls Choice the night before. Keep in mind that if you use too much Rolls Choice, you are even more likely to feel the need to fall asleep.

At the same time, Rolls Choice is also a strong candidate for those who want relief from depression, stress, and pain like cramps or headaches. The ability to help you fall asleep and get a good night’s rest also makes this an excellent choice for those suffering from fatigue who need to sleep through the night to recover. When consumed for pain relief, many users notice that the desired reduction in pain nearly immediately and to a substantial degree.

As is expected from nearly any strain of cannabis, there are some mild side effects of consuming Rolls Choice, with the dry mouth being the most common. Dry eyes and dizziness can also happen while paranoia and anxiety are rare. You can easily combat the expected dry mouth by keeping some water handy.

Other Information to Know

Rolls Choice has some honors under its belt, including 7th place for the 2015 Emerald Cup’s Top 10 Flowers category.

As is frequently the case with Royal Choice Farms, the breeder does not make it easy to grow Rolls Choice at home. You will need to look very hard to find seeds or a clone. The best way to get a hold of this strain is via a local dispensary or buying it online instead of growing it yourself.