Sapphire Star


Blue Hawaiian and God Bud came together to form this uplifting sativa-dominant hybrid strain

About Sapphire Star

Developed by Jordan of the Islands, Sapphire Star is a pleasant sativa-dominant hybrid strain that combines genetics from God Bud and Blue Hawaiian cannabis strains.

Those who have been lucky enough to sample Sapphire Star find that this strain brings an uplifting, creative head high and physical effects that are calm, relaxing, and occasionally even sedative.

Each bud of Sapphire Star is oversized and quite fluffy, and each of them is decorated with fine, shimmering trichomes and small patches of deep burnt orange pistils.

Sapphire Star's flowers give off a sour citrus and earthy scent, and once the strain is vaporized or smoked you'll note that it takes on a much sweeter berry and lemon flavor.

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