Seattle Blue

A focused yet relaxing indica-dominant hybrid strain with mysterious parentage
About Seattle Blue

Clearly born in Seattle, Seattle Blue is an indica-dominant hybrid strain with a very mysterious genetic history well-known for its cerebrally uplifting, clear-headed effects.

Cannabis patients who have experienced this strain have said that it's thoroughly relaxing physically, though its mental effects are fantastically focused, creative, and mellow yet euphoric.

Seattle Blue's bright green, fluffy buds are quite rare to find but are said to have a delectable, sweet floral berry flavor.

1 Review
6 months ago
Seattle Blue is a strong Indica Dominant Strain not to be taken lightly by any user, newbies or experience. Its' buds are dark green and blue with short sugary hairs with a fruity smell. Seattle Blue will wrap the users' body with a calming and very relaxing warm blanket as the brain becomes happier and giggly. Seattle Blue has a very sweet candy flavor.
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