Allegedly an indica-dominant phenotype of Sensi Skunk from Texas, expect this bud to bring a sociable yet relaxing buzz

About Shoreline

Allegedly an indica-dominant cannabis strain from Texas, Shoreline was originally developed by Sensi Seeds and is thought to be a phenotype of Sensi Skunk.

Buds of this strain tend to be dense and spade-shaped, their jade and violet calyxes each accented by sparkling crystalline trichomes and patches of brownish pistils.

Shoreline's attractive flowers have a somewhat less inviting scent, as some cannabis enthusiasts find this strain to be quite pungent and skunky, but the earthy, sweet flavor that comes when this strain is smoked or vaporized is actually surprisingly pleasant.

At first, Shoreline's high is said to be sociable and very uplifting, but as the effects go on you can expect this strain to take on a relaxing, hunger-inducing physical high.

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