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Silverfalls Kush

A descendent of OG Kush known to bring a relaxing body buzz and euphoric head high


About Silverfalls Kush

Allegedly derived from OG Kush, Silverfalls Kush is a balanced hybrid cannabis said to bring a burst of euphoric cerebral energy.

Generally, Silverfalls Kush flowers are spade-shaped and have a rich emerald green hue that is interspersed with chunky trichomes and patches of thick golden pistils.

If you're looking for a giggly, uplifting hybrid you are likely to love Silverfalls Kush's cerebral buzz and potent relaxing body buzz, which is perfect for afternoon or evening use.

Silverfalls Kush buds have a fruity, earthy, kush-like fragrance that is quite pleasant, and its flavor blends together notes of sage, cinnamon spice, and blueberry.