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Alphakronik Genes

Alphakronik Genes

Unique Flavors and Unparalleled Potency

About Alphakronik Genes

Alphakronik Genes is a leader in medical-grade cannabis seeds. This American seed bank has experienced significant growth in the last decade. It now offers seeds in seven continents and 19 countries. The company has bred seeds with unique flavors and “unparalleled potency,” thanks to its use of potent and rare parental genetics.

All strains used by Alphakronik Genes grow in soil with organic nutrients and natural growth, including female and male plants instead of gender-reversal sprays. Many of the seeds are not only top medical-grade, but also very potent and rare. An example is “The Claw,” which was only released once.

Notice (10/15/2022): It appears that Alphakronik has gone MIA as people are reporting that emails are going unanswered and activity on their Instagram page has seized.



Willamette Valley, Oregon, USA
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