Slimer OG

A mostly indica cross of Ghost OG and White Fire Alien OG that brings uplifting and soothing effects
About Slimer OG

Slimer OG is a heavily indica-dominant blend of Ghost OG and White Fire Alien OG, said to bring soothing physical effects.

Those who have encountered Slimer OG report that this strain has a kush-like pine tree scent, and a delectable lemon, herb, and honey flavor.

Slimer OG's high is known for its relaxing body buzz, and the strain also provides a euphoric, creative, and focused head effect that is many cannabis enthusiasts find pleasant.

Expect Slimer OG's buds to be fluffy and diamond-shaped, and each oversized sage green flower is decorated with pale orange pistils and a blanket of shimmering trichomes.

1 Review
5 months ago
Slimer OG is a strong Indica Dominant strain with delicate dark green buds with fluffy dark orange "hairs" with a creamy resin layer and a citric kush smell. Its effects will leave the user's body very tingly and calm as the mind feels stress free, keeping you focus and creative for a long period of time. Slimer OG has an earthy lemon taste.
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