Snow Diesel

A diesel-scented indica-dominant strain known for its snow covered flowers
About Snow Diesel

Created by House of Funk Genetics, Snow Diesel is a fragrant indica-dominant hybrid of East Coast Sour Diesel and Snow Lotus is known for its frosty appearance.

The snow-like blanket of trichomes that covers every pine tree green bud of Snow Diesel is what gave this strain its name.

Snow Diesel's effects begin with a stimulating body buzz that is well-matched by the cannabis strain's euphoria-inducing high.

As you may expect from this strain's heritage, its buds have a diesel-like pungency, though their flavor is much milder and sweeter.

1 Review
3 months ago
Snow Diesel is an Indica Dominant strain with dense frosty green buds with patches of bright orange "hairs" with a strong diesel smell. Its effects takes the user for a happy fun ride as the mind stays creative and the body feels cozy and discomfort free. Snow Diesel has a sour candy smell and is great for patients looking for nausea and stress relief.
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