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East Coast Sour Diesel

This high-intensity sativa strain gives its user a burst of creative energy


About East Coast Sour Diesel

East Coast Sour Diesel is one of the most potent and highly-regarded sativa strains available.

A descendent of the original Sour Diesel, East Coast Sour Diesel boasts THC percentages around 20% THC, making this strain satisfyingly potent for most cannabis users.

This strain has been described by cannabis patients as an intense euphoric head rush that gives its user a burst of creative energy.

Because of these traits, some patients (especially those with a low tolerance for THC) may find that this strain is overwhelmingly strong, so it is best to begin slowly when sampling East Coast Sour Diesel.

Fluffy golden buds possess a tangle of rust-colored pistils and healthy trichomes that give this strain its potency.