Soul Assassin OG

A derivation of the beloved strain OG Kush, expect this bud to be heavily relaxing
About Soul Assassin OG

A clear creation of the Soul Assassins Crew, Soul Asssassin OG is derived from the intensely popular cannabis strain OG Kush.

This strain's high is rumored to be intensely sedating and relaxing, and this strain brings a focused, blissful euphoric cerebral effect.

You can generally expect Soul Assassin OG's scent to be pungently reminiscent of diesel fumes, and the flavor of this strain is earthy with a refreshing burst of lemon.

Soul Assassin OG's flowers are dense and round, and their chunky structure is littered with furry orange trichomes and a gentle dusting of sparkling trichomes.

1 Review
3 months ago
This strain will kidnap your energy and motivation and take awhile to give it back. Soul Assassin OG is a strong Indica Dominant strain that small dark green buds with short light orange "hairs" and piney/lemon smell. Its' effects sedates the user very quickly, leaving the body heavy and "couch locked" as the mind stays focused but a bit hazy and calm. Soul Assassin OG has fresh citric lime taste and is great for patients looking for insomnia and discomfort relief.
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