Sour Cheese

A sociable hybrid of Sour Diesel and Cheese genetics
About Sour Cheese

Cheese and Sour Diesel are parents of the rare hybrid strain Sour Cheese.

Those who have seen Sour Cheese's flowers report that they tend to be oversized and irregularly shaped and each of the strain's dense grass green calyxes is decorated with golden pistils and a shimmering coat of trichomes.

Cannabis enthusiasts who have tried Sour Cheese note that the strain provides a giggly, uplifted, energizing head high and a stimulating physical buzz.

Sour Cheese's gorgeous flowers have a shocking pungency that is reminiscent of diesel fumes, and as soon as you smoke this strain you are likely to notice its Cheese heritage.

1 Review
3 months ago
Sour Cheese is a rare Hybrid strain with long and lumpy olive green buds with frosty orange "hairs" patches and sour cheese smell. Its effects leaves the user feeling rejuvenated as the mind becomes motivated and happy while the body feels ready to go dancing from such a pleasant tingly sensation. With a strong sour blue cheese taste, Sour Cheese will leave any room smelling a bit, "moldy".
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