Space Bomb

A mostly sativa strain with genetics from Tiny Bomb and Space Queen, bound to bring a bubbly buzz
About Space Bomb

Space Bomb is a mostly sativa hybrid that was derived from the potent strains Space Queen and Tiny Bomb by TGA Seeds.

The high created by Space Bomb has been called energizing, due to the stimulating physical and mental buzz that this strain tends to deliver to its user.

Flowers of Space Bomb have an irregular shape and a light gray-green hue, and each bulbous calyx is enshrined in bright orange pistils and shimmering trichomes.

Space Bomb's beautiful buds give off a sweet yet pungent scent, but the flavor of this cannabis strain has been compared to fruit-flavored candy.

1 Review
4 months ago
Caution with this one, for a first few minutes you might feel a bit in shock with the energetic wave that hits the brain. While keeping the mind focused and creative, Space Bomb, a Sativa Dominant strain leaves the body feeling mellow and care free. Its' buds have a mixed of yellow and green colors covered by fluffy light orange "hairs" and a sweet candy smell. Space Bomb has a very unique tropical Skittles taste.
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