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Subcool Seeds

Subcool Seeds


About Subcool Seeds

Subcool Seeds began life as TGA Seeds, formed in 2001 by medical growers who wanted open-source breeding. This involves getting data and information from thousands of growers of medical cannabis.

Subcool Seeds started in 2017 after a fire destroyed TGA Seeds. Subcool had his home burn down, and in the process, everything that he owned was destroyed, including 4 million seeds. The only exceptions were parent plants and seeds stored at two other locations. Subcool then decided to spend the last of his savings, once divided with his ex-partner, to invest in certified TGA mother plants and seeds.

Within a year, Subcool Seeds had managed to rebuild the genetics library, bringing its ever-popular the Dank along. It also preserved Jesus OG Kush and Jack the Ripper in the process. Since then, there have been collaborations with other breeders, including Kyle Kushman and Badgers Dank, creating new strains.

Subcool Seeds now has a new 22,000 square foot facility that is entirely legal. This space allows the brand to continue creating and testing thousands of plants simultaneously. This ability to test so many plants makes it possible to use the best strains from the best seeds to fill the entire Subcool Seeds menu, which features 45 strains.

Subcool Seeds has partnerships with various seed banks, including Seedsman, JBC Seed Bank, The Attitude Seed Bank, and GYO. These partnerships allow the brand to sell and distribute their seeds worldwide.