Space Candy

A sweet apple flavored cannabis strain that comes from parents Space Queen and Cotton Candy
About Space Candy

Space Candy is a hybrid of the sweet cannabis strains Cotton Candy and Space Queen that is best known for its stimulating high and sweet flavor.

Effects of Space Candy are said to start slow, with a simply relaxing physical buzz that becomes more and more mentally euphoric throughout the course of the high.

Generally, Space Candy buds will have an earthy, subtly fruity scent, and the flavor that this strain purports is pleasantly sweet like a baked apple.

Space Candy's flowers are long, cone-shaped fluffy, and each minty green bud has a sparkling coat of trichomes intermixed with patches of curly neon orange pistils.

1 Review
4 months ago
Yes, it's an intergalactic 50/50 Hybrid strain with small dense light green buds covered with a few orange hairs and a warm apple juice. Space Candy will have the user feeling very relaxed and calm with the mind becoming very talkative, as the body just feels like having fun, making this strain a perfect candidate for a social day/night with friends. Space Candy has a delicious apple/orange pie.
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