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Cotton Candy Kush

If you guessed that this delightful indica-dominant hybrid would taste like cotton candy, you would be right


About Cotton Candy Kush

An indica-dominant hybrid of Power Plant and Lavender that gives off the whimsical smell of, you guessed it, cotton candy.

Buds of Cotton Candy Kush range from deep forest green to neon purple, the calyxes are fluffy and extremely resinous and generally boast a THC potency of over 20% THC.

Those who have tried this tasty bud report that Cotton Candy Kush delivers a relaxing, euphoric high, that can be somewhat sedative when used in excess.

Perfect for staying in, hanging with friends, or working on what you love, Cotton Candy is a happy, versatile bud.

This strain's traits may help to relieve stress, depression, anxiety, chronic pain conditions, and insomnia.