Space Dawg

A mostly indica hybrid of Super Snow Dawg and Space Queen desired for its sedating yet uplifting buzz
About Space Dawg

TGA Subcool Seeds is the developer of the happy indica-dominant hybrid strain Space Dawg, which descended from popular buds Space Queen and Super Snow Dawg.

Space Dawg's buds give off an earthy musk, but when this strain is vaporized or smoked it tends to reveal its sweet, fruity, herbaceous, mixed berry flavor.

Generally, those who have experienced Space Dawg note that this strain delivers a high that is simultaneously cerebrally euphoric as well as physically deeply sedative.

Flowers of Space Dawg are long and dense, their beautiful olive green calyxes each decorated with shimmering white trichomes and patches of orange pistils.

1 Review
4 months ago
Space Dawg is a potent Indica strain that will take you for a smooth ride around the Galaxy. Its' buds are large and very dense with bright green colors and a few long orange "hairs" with a salad bowl smell. Its' effects leaves the user "feeling good" very quickly as the mind slowly feels calm and sleepy and the body is sedated by a very pleasant warm feeling that leads you to a strong "couch lock" state. Space Dawg has a sweet berries taste with a citric aftertaste.
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