Strawberry Frost

A frosty and complex indica-dominant hybrid of Strawberry Cough, Space Queen, and Deep Chunk
About Strawberry Frost

A cannabis strain parented by Deep Chunk, Strawberry Cough, and Space Queen, Strawberry Frost is a fruity indica-dominant hybrid with blissful effects.

Lucky cannabis users who have had the opportunity to try Strawberry Frost remark that this strain brings a relaxing, dreamy buzz that complements the strains uplifting head effects.

Strawberry Frost plants create large, bulbous sage green flowers that are entirely covered with a glittering layer of translucent trichomes, interrupted only by small patches of curling golden pistils.

A fruity, pungent scent comes off of Strawberry Frost's beautiful flowers, and if you smoke or vaporize this strain it takes on a decadent ripe strawberry flavor.

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