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Deep Chunk

A deeply sedative strain that has rocked the scene since the '70s


About Deep Chunk

Tom Hill developed Deep Chunk in Northern California, and since the end of the 1970s, this strain has earned a permanent place in cannabis culture.

Allegedly, this strain was parented by Afghani Indica landrace strains.

Patients love Deep Chunk for the full body buzz that envelops them when they use this strain, as it provides a warm and stimulating effect, while the head side of this strain is relaxing.

Because this strain has such strong sedative effects, it is best to use it toward the end of the day or anytime you need serious pain relief and physical relaxation.

This strain's chunky buds produce a huge proportion of sticky, potent resin, that give these buds a slightly sweet earthy flavor and a bright pine fragrance with hints of citrus.