This superb sativa-dominant strain brings a completely invigorating high and is thought to be a child of OG Kush


About Sublime

Sublime is a heavily sativa-dominant hybrid cannabis strain that is thought to be derived from OG Kush, though no one is quite sure of this strain's heritage.

Information about Sublime can be hard to come by, but those who have been lucky enough to try it remark that it delivers an uplifting buzz with invigorating mental and physical effects.

Buds of Sublime are quite fluffy and irregularly shaped, and each leafy moss green calyx of this hybrid is decorated in patches of thick, long, orange pistils and a halo of shimmering trichomes.

Sublime's scent has been described as herbaceous and earthy, and the flavor of this cannabis strain blends together tropical fruit flavors with warm spices.

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