Sugar Black Rose

This floral cannabis strain is an indica-dominant hybrid of Critical and Black Domina strains
About Sugar Black Rose

Sugar Black Rose is a unique indica-dominant cannabis strain that crosses Black Domina with Critical, ultimately resulting in a fruity hybrid with giggly effects.

This strain earned its name due to the sugary sweet floral flavor that this unique strain delivers, and the aroma of Sugar Black Rose is said to smell like lavender and rose.

On average, flowers of Sugar Black Rose have a THC level of between 15-22% though their potency does depend on the quality of the grow, and each of this strain's fluffy green flowers possesses a layer of sparkling trichomes and thick tangerine pistils.

Patients who have tried Sugar Black Rose note that this cannabis strain provides a soothing, sedating, uplifting buzz.

1 Review
4 months ago
Sugar Black Rose is a delicious Indica Dominant strain with dense green buds covered by dark orange hairs and a bright sticky resin layer. Its' effects leave the users' mind very happy as it opens for new ideas and conversations as the body becomes relaxed and feeling very sleepy. Sugar Black Rose has a strong fruity smell with a delicious berry pie flavor.
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