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Black Domina

A 4-Way cross of some heavy-hitting indicas, it's no wonder why Black Domina an A+ strain


About Black Domina

Black Domina is the ultimate union of four famous indica strains, Afghani, Northern Lights, Hash Plant, and Ortega.

Together these strains' have produced a plant that is as gorgeous as it is insanely potent, generally testing around 22% THC.

Black Domina's buds are a unique mix of deep eggplant and pale green leaves, the buds are covered in a thick coating of sparkling trichomes, and when the buds are ground you will notice that these buds contain a potent and sticky resin that has a sweet aroma and spicy kick of flavor.

This indica produces heavily sedative effects, leaving its user happily relaxing for hours until they fall into a deep slumber.