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Super Sour OG

A balanced four-way hybrid with effects that are superbly euphoric and soothing


About Super Sour OG

The complex combination of Lost Coast OG, OG Kush, Blueberry, and Sour Diesel resulted in the balanced, relaxing hybrid strain Super Sour OG.

Cannabis enthusiasts have reported that Super Sour OG's high is happy and relaxing, and its versatile effects make this strain well suited to daytime medication.

Super Sour OG's buds have a pungent diesel and pine scent, and once this cannabis strain is vaporized or smoked it tends to have a somewhat sweeter berry flavor.

This strain's teal green flowers are fluffy and each decorated with thick golden pistils, and each of this strains calyxes is covered in a furry coat of trichomes.