Sweet Black Angel

This primarily indica cannabis strain provides effects that are intensely relaxing
About Sweet Black Angel

Sweet Black Angel is a mostly indica cannabis hybrid that combines genetics from two celebrity strains, Black Domina and Super Silver Haze.

Cannabis enthusiasts note that this strain delivers a superbly euphoric and completely relaxing high that is said to be sedating for some patients.

Sweet Black Angel flowers give off a sweet fruit and bitter coffee scent, and when this strain is vaporized or smoked it often takes on a blueberry, coffee, citrus, and pine flavor.

Each of this strain's fluffy grass green flowers is covered in brownish pistils and a sparkling coat of trichomes.

1 Review
3 months ago
Sweet Black Angel is a hard to find Indica Dominant strain with dense large dark green buds with a few purple tones covered by a thick sugary sticky resin layer with a pungent dark roasted coffee smell. Its effects will take the user for a smooth ride, leaving the mind happy and somewhat giggly as the body feels being wrapped by a comfortable warm blanket, slowly leaving the user couch locked. Sweet Black Angel has a creamy sweet citric coffee flavor.
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