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Sweet Tooth

A candy-coated cannabis strain known for its stimulating and soothing buzz


About Sweet Tooth

Winner of the 2001 High Times Cannabis Cup, Sweet Tooth is a relaxing strain created by Breeder Seed of Spice of Life seeds. It's a mix between Sweet Pink Grapefruit and DJ Short Blueberry.

Sweet Tooth received its name due to the delightfully sugary fruit candy flavor it produces when it is smoked, and the scent of this strain's attractive flowers tends to be pungent and floral.

This strain was originally created by Breeder Steve Dale, and its buds tend to be fluffy and a deep violet hue and their trichome-covered buds are each decorated with a dense coat of bronze pistils.

Effects of Sweet Tooth is a physically relaxing and euphoric cannabis strain that is said to also have a stimulating body buzz.