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Sweet Pink Grapefruit

Sweet, fruity, and sticky with hints of sour notes


About Sweet Pink Grapefruit

The Sweet Pink Grapefruit strain is a unique and flavorful sativa-dominant strain that originates from Vancouver, Canada.

Since 1987, this strain has been circulating amongst growers within the Vancouver area. Although its genetic lineage is unknown, some believe that it descends as a selected phenotype of Northern Lights #1 and Grapefruit.

It has been bred to create some fantastic hybrid strains such as Sweet Tooth, BC Sweet Tooth, and Deadwood.

Sweet Pink Grapefruit is aptly named for its intense sweet and fruity taste with a sour citrus aroma due to its presence of the terpene limonene.

Swiss Breeder, Alpine Seeds, was able to acquire the genetics and now offers their own feminized version of the strain.