Tahoe Purps

This heady indica-dominant hybrid strain crosses Tahoe Hydro OG with Granddaddy Purple
About Tahoe Purps

A development of Tahoe Hydro, Tahoe Purps is a mostly indica hybrid strain that was derived from a combination of the sedating strains Granddaddy Purple and Tahoe Hydro OG.

A strain sometimes called Purple Tahoe, Tahoe Purps buds give off a flowery, pine scent, and once you smoke this strain it tends to take on a sour citrus and sandalwood flavor.

Tahoe Purps is rumored to have a somewhat relaxing physical high and a head effect that is said to induce creative thought.

The flowers themselves have a desaturated green hue that is somewhat obscured by fiery patches of fuzzy pistils amongst a sparkling coat of trichomes.

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