Tango Kush

A particularly mango-flavored sativa-dominant phenotype of the popular strain Mango Kush
About Tango Kush

Allegedly a development of Potbox, Tango Kush is a fragrant sativa-dominant hybrid derived from Mango Kush.

Tango Kush is said to provide a high that is completely euphoric, so much so that it delivers a spacey, unfocused, and relaxing buzz to those who use it.

Flowers of Tango Kush are incredibly dense and oversized, their seaweed green buds each possess a furry cloak of orange pistils and sparkling white trichomes.

A smooth herbaceous fragrance will waft off of your Tango Kush buds, and if you vaporize or smoke this strain you're likely to notice its delightful mango flavor.

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