Mango Kush


A delectable hybrid that is known to bring a burst of creative euphoria

About Mango Kush

Mango Kush is a tropical cross with an unknown genetic lineage, known to bring a giggly cerebral high that really does taste like a mango due to its naturally high potency of the terpene myrcene (also present in mangos).

Cannabis lovers who have experienced Mango Kush say that this strain brings a sense of uplifted creativity, often bringing a relaxing physical buzz to those who use this strain.

Mango Kush's flowers are fluffy and a desaturated forest green hue, each one has bright neon orange pistils poking out between leafy calyxes which are each capped in batches of sparkling trichomes.

Each of these buds produces a pungent aroma of tropical mango, and when tasted you'll notice subtle tastes of pineapple, pine, and mint.

This plant grows well inside and outside, growing up to five feet with a flowering time of between nine and eleven weeks.

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