Thai Haze

This primarily sativa blend of Thai and Haze is best known for its spacey head buzz
About Thai Haze

Blending together the popular and fragrant cannabis strains Haze and Thai, Thai Haze is a sativa-dominant hybrid strain with primarily cerebral effects.

A skunky, very haze-like aroma will strike you when you encounter Thai Haze buds, but once this strain is smoked you will note that it has a subtly peppery taste.

Often, patients who have used this cannabis strain remark that it has a stimulating, spacey head high that brings a giggly, uplifted mood to those who use it.

Thai Haze buds tend to be somewhat leafy, and this strain's segmented lime green calyxes, each possesses many shimmering trichomes and much smaller patches of peach-colored pistils.

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