The Doctor

This sedating heavily indica hybrid strain blends Great White Shark, Super Skunk, and an unknown South Indian strain
About The Doctor

Green House Seeds created The Doctor, which is a heavily indica cannabis strain which is said to have been named in honor of Valentino Rossi, famed motorcyclist.

Allegedly, The Doctor was parented by Super Skunk, Great White Shark, and an unknown South Indian variety of cannabis, and you can expect it to make pungent buds that have a refreshing and sticky sweet lemon flavor.

The Doctor's cone-shaped yellow-green flowers have a bulbous and dense structure which is completely covered in a furry cloak of sunset-colored pistils and patches of crystalline trichomes.

Many cannabis users who have experienced The Doctor report that this strain delivers a profoundly sedating buzz that brings a blissful cerebral high.

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