The Sauce

A superbly soothing sativa-dominant bud that brings together a backcross of Green Ribbon and Gorilla Glue #4
About The Sauce

The Sauce is a primarily sativa cannabis strain that was created by Exotix Genetics which was created when a variety of Gorilla Glue #4 was combined with a backcrossed version of Green Ribbon.

A scent of diesel and aromatic lime wafts from this strain's attractive buds, and the flavor of this hard-to-find strain is said to be somewhat like chocolate hazelnut spread.

The award-winning cannabis strain The Sauce is said to have a patently satisfying high which brings plenty of happiness and a particularly sedative physical buzz.

The chunky leafy green buds produced by this strain are decorated with a sandy coat of glittering trichomes and spread all over each calyx are tiny blood red pistils.

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