Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies

A sweet vanilla and mint-flavored phenotype of the world-famous bud Girl Scout Cookies
About Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies

Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies is an aptly named phenotype of the cookie-flavored cannabis strain Girl Scout Cookies that is known for its sweet, minty flavor.

The balanced cannabis strain Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies is known to have colorful buds made up of deep violet, mint green, and sparkling trichomes.

Due to Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies' Durban Poison and OG Kush heritage, this cannabis strain is purported to deliver a powerfully uplifting and frequently giggly head high and a soothing body buzz.

A spicy and somewhat sugary scent will waft off of Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies' buds, and when this strain is vaporized or smoked you'll note that it has a vanilla, mint, and somewhat chocolatey flavor.

1 Review
3 months ago
Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies is a balanced Hybrid strain with dark green buds with a few blue tones covered by a few orange hairs and a powdery resin layer. Users will feel comfortable body buzz that relaxes the patient while the mind becomes giggly and a bit motivated (great for social events). Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies do not have a cookie smell, its more of an earthy aroma, but the taste, oh the taste, is so close to a delicious thin mint cookie for sure.
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