Tora Bora

LA Confidential and X18 Pure Pakistani were combined to create this fast-flowering indica-dominant strain
About Tora Bora

A heavily indica cannabis strain that blends X18 Pure Pakistani and LA Confidential, Tora Bora was developed by DNA Genetics.

Tora Bora is a fast-flowering strain with buds that have a teal color, and each dense flower has patches of yellow pistils and a star-like glittering cloak of translucent trichomes.

Fans of Tora Bora report that this strain can be incredibly effective for sedation, putting its user into a sleepy, calm, and uplifted state that is ideal for relaxation or recuperation.

There is an overall earthy pine and herb fragrance that comes off of Tora Bora's buds, and once you taste this rare strain you're likely to note that it has a tea-like flavor.

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