A fruity, intoxicating cannabis strain with mostly sativa genetics from its parents Space Queen and Apollo 13
About Vortex

TGA Genetics is the creator of the strong sativa-dominant hybrid strain Vortex, which was parented by two spacey parents: Apollo 13 and Space Queen.

Vortex's intriguing scent of tangy yet sweet lemon is complemented by the strain's delectable tropical fruit flavor, which combines notes from mango, pineapple, and other citrus fruits together.

Potency of Vortex's seductive flowers can be anywhere from 15-25% THC, and the effects of this strain are widely regarded to provide a stimulating and energizing cerebral buzz.

Flowers of this strain tend to be extremely dense, each bud's bright green calyxes twisting together with neon pistils and a dew of trichomes that looks somewhat like a miniature representation of a forest.

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