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White Bubblegum

A sweet and happy indica-dominant cannabis strain derived from Snow White and Bubble Gum parents


About White Bubblegum

THClones is allegedly the creator of the rare strain White Bubblegum, which combines Bubble Gum and Snow White into a sweet indica-dominant hybrid. You may also hear White Bubblegum referred to as Big League Chew, although this name is less common. Do not confuse it with White Bubble, which is another indica-dominant strain bred by Panoramix Genetics, and despite the similar names, the two are unique.


Though White Bubblegum can be challenging to find in stores, those who have tried this hybrid strain report that it provides uplifting euphoria and a steadily relaxing physical buzz. Some users also report arousal after using this strain.

When you smoke White Bubblegum, you will experience a cerebral euphoria that results in focus as well as motivation. From there, the effects shift towards relaxation.

Users of White Bubblegum describe being happy, enthusiastic, talkative, and giggly with some sedating effects and tingles. Some also report visual effects, such as dark areas becoming closer to black and lights behind windows shining even brighter. It is also common to experience hunger after smoking White Bubblegum.

Many users seek out White Bubblegum for its sleepy effects and pain-relieving abilities. Keep in mind that some new users may find these effects to be too overwhelming. This can happen due to the heavy cerebral high that may lead to an inability to function for some users. From there, you will likely feel incredibly sleepy, a feeling that creeps up on you.

This strain is a popular choice among those who are dealing with tension, stress, and anxiety. It can also provide users with antidepressant effects, helping to overcome this mental condition. The hungry feelings typically associated with using White Bubblegum lead to this being a good strain for those who are suffering from lack of appetite. It can also help treat mild to severe headaches.

In terms of potential adverse effects, users of White Bubblegum should be aware that dry mouth is very common. Of course, this is common among most cannabis strains, so it is not a surprise. Despite the feeling of sleepiness, some users of White Bubblegum also report insomnia. Many others, however, report being sleepy so that this strain can go either way in that respect. As such, you should confirm how you react to it on a day with minimal commitments.

Aroma and Flavor

White Bubblegum's aroma is earthy and floral. It also smells like cotton candy. Do not fall into the trap of the name of this strain. If you chew it, you will not be treated to the flavors of bubble gum, just cannabis.

After vaporization or combustion, you will notice that the fruity and earthy notes turn into a tangy medley similar to cotton candy.


The flowers themselves tend to be oversized and grass green, though each one is covered in shimmering trichomes and smaller patches of curled orange pistils. It will be a shade of jade green when whole, but covered in thick brown hairs. When you break up White Bubblegum, the green fades to a lighter shade, more similar to grass.

Other Information to Know

Many users enjoy consuming White Bubblegum at night, as its mellow relaxation can help you relax before bedtime or fall asleep. It can also be used during the day.

Those interested in growing White Bubblegum will find it to be moderately difficult to do so. You can choose to cultivate White Bubblegum inside or outside. It depends on your preference and the laws in your area. It does best in warm climates.