White Sangria

A superbly bright, fruity hybrid strain that produces a functional yet relaxing buzz
About White Sangria

Gelato 45 and Tahoe Hydro OG parented the uplifting indica-dominant hybrid strain White Sangria, a light green strain known for its functional buzz.

Cannabis enthusiasts who have encountered White Sangria remark that this hybrid is thoroughly relaxing without being sedating, meanwhile leaving its user's mind uplifted and often productive.

White Sangria's round, fluffy flowers tend to have a looser popcorn-like bud structure, and each light green and violet nug is covered with shimmering trichomes and smaller patches of curly lemon-colored pistils.

The aroma of each flower is quite earthy, with fragrant notes of blueberry and lemon, and once you smoke this strain you'll note it has a bright blueberry muffin-like flavor that is quite sweet. 

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