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Deep Purple

A back-cross of Urkle designed to promote total relaxation


About Deep Purple

A combination of Purple Urkle and Querkle that was created by TGA Seeds to preserve Urkle's dominant traits and fantastic grape flavor.

Though this plant is known for some of its plants having a violet coloring, this strain was actually named for popular band Deep Purple.

Those who have used Deep Purple find that it provides a relaxing experience that soothes pain, aches, and tension throughout the body.

This high usually lasts for a few hours and is quite sedative, so Deep purple is often best used in the evening.

These flowers may be mossy green or bright eggplant, but are universally covered in furry pistils and frosty trichomes.

When you break these buds open you will feel this strain's sticky resin, which gives off a floral fragrance and a flavor of sweet grapes.