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God's Gift

God's Gift

This happy indica-dominant hybrid is a gift from above


About God's Gift

This combination of OG Kush and Granddaddy Purple is known to be one of the most uplifting indica-dominant hybrid strains available.

Patients love God's Gift for its completely relaxing, relieving, recuperating effects, as it leaves its user in a sedated, happy state.

God's Gift has regularly tested between 18-22% THC, making it a suitably potent strain for most cannabis users, and buds of this strain tend to be long, dense, and light green, dotted in patches of peach-colored pistils and a fine fur of trichomes.

The aroma that comes off of buds of Gods Gift is quite sweet, blending earthy notes with overwhelmingly sweet berry and grape, and all of these flavors come through well when this strain is vaped or smoked.