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Grape Valley Kush

Grape Valley Kush

An indica-dominant hybrid that might make you the life of the party


About Grape Valley Kush

Grape Valley Kush, also known as Merlot OG, is an indica-dominant hybrid strain from Moxie, that combines Grape Kush with the renowned SFV OG. The result is a high that is giggly and is the perfect accompaniment for any relaxed social gathering.

This strain's sparkling grass green buds are dense and often quite large, each producing a resin with a piney aroma and intense fragrance of diesel.

Cannabis enthusiasts have described grape valley kush as producing intense levels of physical sedation and relaxation that overcomes the mind as well as the body, while leaving its user uplifted, laughing, and in the mood for spending time with friends.

THC levels of Grape Valley Kush generally range from 22-26%, making them satisfyingly potent for most cannabis patients.