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A powerful indica-dominant hybrid of Cookies and Cream and Kimbo Kush that is guaranteed to be a showstopper


About Gutbuster

Exotic Genetix created Gutbuster: an indica-dominant cannabis strain that blends Kimbo Kush with Cookies and Cream.

This strain delivers classic indica effects, sedating its patient with a warm body buzz that can offer such strong relaxation that those who use it may briefly think that they are locked to their seat, alongside a giggly euphoric effect that is fun for any cannabis lover.

Generally, Gutbuster has been shown to have THC levels up to 25% THC, making this strain insanely potent, and these buds each have a fragrance and flavor of sweet vanilla.

Buds of Gutbuster are lumpy, large, and a deep sage green, each flower's surface covered with glittering trichomes and iridescent grapefruit-colored pistils.